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General operator licencing matters

Set out below are self-explanatory legal updates for you that may be of interest to holders of HGV operator licences.

Clandestine entrants

Clandestine entrants are an inevitable issue for operators sending vehicles on to the Continent.
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HGV operator’s licence

If your business uses HGVs, you’ll need a goods vehicle operator’s licence, designed to ensure the safe and proper use of goods vehicles and to protect the environment around operating centres.
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OCRS changes

As operator compliance risk scores can affect the outward perception of your business with the Office of the Traffic Commissioner, we look at what can affect these scores and potentially damage you operator’s license.
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Operator’s licence application form

For guidance on how to fill out your operator’s licence form.
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Operator licencing in difficult financial times

We look at the effect of an administration on your operator’s licence and the steps you must take in that situation.
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Regional Traffic Commissioners

To find the details of the Traffic Commissioner for your area.
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Traffic Commissioners

For guidance and useful insight into how Traffic Commissioners approach and punish infringements.
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VOSA operator search

Carry out a free search of HGV operators according to town, postcode, operator licence number, operator name, trading name or persons’ name.
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