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Making decisions about the future of employees, is often difficult and time consuming. Also, with so many changes taking place in the employment sphere it is difficult to keep up to date as to the accuracy of information that you have access to.

TUPE in transport and logistics

TUPE transfers are not uncommon in the tranport sector. We look at two cases that highlight the importance of the way staff working patterns are organised in TUPE situations.
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Employment guide to europe

Across the European Union there is a divergence of labour market models in operation. We have outlined the key employment principles in operation within member states and those nations operating within EU principles. To find out more:

Download PDFDownload our employment guide to europe (594k).

Relevant limits on compensation

Consequently, we have prepared a quick guide to the relevant limits on compensation for various claims in the employment tribunal so that you can be aware of the maximum parameters of exposure to a claim. The guide also includes up to date information on the national minimum wage, statutory sick pay and maternity pay.

Download PDFDownload our quick guide to the relevant limits on compensation (364k)

Calculating redundancy pay

We have also included a link to a redundancy calculator so that you can quickly calculate an employee’s statutory redundancy pay. It’s crucial to get this information right as failing to do so can lead to time consuming and expensive claims in the employment tribunals

Individual redundancy checklist

Download PDFDownload our Individual Redundancy Checklist (295k) for guidance on dealing with the difficult situation of individual redundancies.

Collective redundancy checklist

If you are making 20 or more employees redundant within a period of 90 days, there are additional considerations. To find out more:

Download PDFDownload our Collective Redudancy Checklist (295k).

Disciplinary Checklist

Download PDFDownload our Disciplinary Checklist (295k) for guidance on disciplinary issues and how to conduct a fair disciplinary procedure.

Investing in diversity

How Liberal Are You? As Courts see witnesses making discriminatory assumptions without even realising it, investing in diversity is the best way for employers to prevent it, and to protect themselves
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