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Alcohol and driving

Alcohol and drivingOur advice is simple, if you’re planning to drive then don’t risk it, don’t drink at all. Alcohol and driving… they don’t mix. Read our handy guide to staying on the right side of the law.
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Clandestine entrants

Clandestine entrantsAs the driver of the vehicle, the driver’s employer, and the owner/hirer of the vehicle can each be fined up to £2,000 per entrant, the issue is an on-going concern for operators.
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Driver fatigue

Driver fatigueFatigue, or driver tiredness, reduces an individual’s ability to recognise hazards; slows their reaction times and impairs their judgement.
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Driving abroad

Driving abroadTravelling abroad by road, especially within the European Union, is now very easy. Don’t drive abroad unprepared – read our tips to avoid falling foul of local etiquette, customs and officials.
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Eco driving

Eco drivingSmarter driving could save one month’s fuel over a year. Eco-driving is an important adjustment to driving culture that not only suits modern engines but also offers numerous benefits.
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HGV driver walk around checks

HGV driver walk around checksRoadworthiness checks are essential and we show where to get guidance on how to set up a system of recording and reporting faults, along with outlining drivers’ responsibilities.
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Mobile phones and the law

Mobile phones and the lawUsing a hand-held phone is a criminal offence. Break the law on using a mobile phone and you could end up jobless as well as speechless.
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Road rage

Road rageHow we deal with mistakes, our own and our reaction to those made by other drivers, will influence our own safety and well-being and that of other road users.
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Safe driving

Safe drivingAs a professional driver you have a special responsibility – not just to yourself but also to other road users. You can meet that responsibility and set a good example by driving safely.
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Smoke-free law for drivers

Smoke-free law for driversSmoke-free vehicle laws affect drivers, as do references to smoking and driving in the Highway Code, which also carries some potential legal consequences for drivers.
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Tips to make your fuel go further

Tips to make your fuel go furtherUnlike domestic drivers, driving less isn’t really an option. Saving fuel makes sense for everyone, so having the right advice to hand could be priceless. Even a small saving is going to be very visible on the bottom-line.
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TyresAny tyre fitted to the axle of a goods vehicle must be designed and manufactured to be strong enough to support the maximum permitted axle weight. Legislation sets out various rules for mixing tyre types and requirements for maintenance.
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