Calais Crisis Continues

In a desperate attempt to reach the UK migrants have turned to extreme violence resulting in many lorry drivers being worried for their safety when on the roads in France.

Lorry drivers are being faced with the potential risk of being attacked with weapons and, in a more recent case, lorries being set on fire as migrants riot over the conditions and struggle to reach the UK.

This week the UK reached an agreement with the French government to build a “wall” to prevent migrants climbing onto lorries in Calais.

A four metre high wall which will be erected either side of the main road for 1km, is already under construction costing the UK authorities over £2million.

However, charities have expressed their concern that the wall will not prevent migrants but will consequently be a danger to them.  Yolaine Bernard, Vice President of the Salam Aid Organisation has told papers, “It’s not going to change a thing.  These people will still try and scale the wall and it will just result in more of them being injured.”

Lorry drivers themselves have said the new concrete wall will do little with Richard Burnett, Chief Executive of the Road Haulage Association stating that the wall is a waste of money and it will simply ‘shift the problem further down the road’.

The situation for both lorry drivers and migrants is dreadful and more needs to be done to prevent this Calais crisis from continuing.

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