Innovation in cycle safety

Various measures have been proposed to tackle cycle safety. One product that Lorry Lawyer has recently become aware of is the Laserlight.

The product is affixed to a cyclist’s handlebars and projects a symbol of a bicycle between five and six metres ahead of a cyclist. The symbol alerts drivers and other road users to a cyclist’s presence and is specifically aimed at ensuring that where a cyclist is in a driver’s blind spot, they are still aware of them. It also helps to alert drivers to the presence of cyclists on a road that the drivers are emerging on to.

The safety of cyclists has been of prominent concern over recent years. The number of cycling fatalities decreased last year to 109 from 118 in 2012. However, due to fluctuations in cyclist fatality figures over the last six years, the Department for Transport in their “Reported Road Casualties in Great Britain: Main Results 2013” consider that it cannot be said whether this is part of a trend or a one-off.

A number of measures have been identified to try and combat collisions between cyclists and drivers. In particular, last year Boris Johnson and Stephen Hammond spoke about the creation of a Safer Lorry Charge zone. A number of hauliers have also chosen to make improvements to their vehicles, such as installing blind spot proximity sensors.

Similarly, there are a range of products on offer for cyclists to enhance their visibility and safety on the roads. Hopefully, such measures will ensure that the reduction in cycling fatalities becomes a permanent trend each year.

Lorry Lawyer is keen to hear other ideas about cycle safety.

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