Employers’ liability for drivers’ hours’ offences committed by employees

If a driver is found by DVSA to have infringed rules relating to drivers’ hours then DVSA’s attention can then turn to the liability of his employer for those same offences. However, operators should be aware that they are not automatically liable for offences committed by their employees. If certain boxes are ticked, then the operator can potentially demonstrate that it is not liable for the breach by its driver.

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The DVLA’s electronic revolution

The DVLA’s electronic revolution – an end to tax discs and the introduction of Direct Debit

From 1 October 2014, paper tax discs will cease to exist. Vehicles in England and Wales will no longer be required to display a tax disc on their windscreen as the DVLA introduces an electronic system for drivers, police and local authorities to check their tax status.

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Good Repute: The Seven Deadly Sins

Operators and their transport managers are required to be of ‘Good Repute’. Past history, including convictions and GFPNs, can be used as evidence that an operator or transport manager does not have repute.

There are incidents which are viewed more seriously by Traffic Commissioners when determining whether a transport manager or operator has lost his repute. These are known as “the seven deadly sins”.

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