The Misinformation Minefield


Here at theLorryLawyer we are always keen to hear from clients and contacts with stories that they feel may be of interest to our readers. Therefore, when Neil Lever contacted us with the below information, showing just how much incorrect information is out there, be it online or sold through “questionable” service providers we felt that we had to bring it to our readers’ attention. It never hurts to look back at your policies and systems for drivers’ hours and your analysis of tachographs to ensure that you are getting it right.

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Our Thoughts on Boris Johnson’s Latest Cycle Safety Plans

The recent  comments of Boris Johnson and Stephen Hammond relating to the creation of a Safer Lorry Charge zone and the possible removal of exemptions (under Construction & Use legislation)  which currently mean that safety equipment does not need to be fitted on a number of HGVs including construction vehicles has promoted debate amongst the industry with people taking different views.

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How to approach whistleblowing – Making reports and Responding to these


How do drivers raise concerns about wrongdoing and how should hauliers respond to those concerns?


You have concerns about serious wrongdoing in your company but don’t know what to do.  You fear that if you “blow the whistle” then you will be seen as a troublemaker, ignored or possibly even dismissed.  What should you do? 

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